Guidelines for Oral Presentations

1. Equipment - The computers provided in the session rooms will be Windows based PCs with Microsoft Office.

2. Your presentation must be created in, or converted to, Microsoft’s PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) format or Adobe PDF (.pdf) format. PowerPoint files created on Macintosh computers should be previewed on a PC to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

3. Most meeting rooms will have widescreen (16:9) screens. Laser pointers will be available.

4. If you have developed your presentation with an earlier version of PowerPoint, or have developed it on a Macintosh, it may not project properly. We encourage you to preview it on a PC with PowerPoint XP BEFORE arriving at the meeting.

5. Presenters will not be allowed to use their own computers because of the time it takes to switch between different computers.

6. Please bring your Power Point presentation to the meeting on a USB Memory Device.

7. Be prepared to load this onto the computer before the start of the session. 

8. Please arrive early the morning of your talk to ensure that your presentation is properly saved on the computer.